Depression & Mood Difficulties

Depression & Mood Difficulties
Depression is a very common psychological disorder. Up to 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience depression in their lifetime. Depression is not just normal sadness, or being moody. Depression is a set of symptoms that persist and interfere with your life.

If you are depressed you might experience some of the following symptoms
» a lack of energy, feeling tired all the time
» feeling sad or down most of the time
» feeling hopeless or helpless, numb or empty
» thinking about suicide
» increased use of drugs &/or alcohol
» withdrawing from family or friends
» lack of interest in sex
» headaches or stomach aches
» losing interest or pleasure in things you used to enjoy
» having difficulties concentrating and making decisions
» feeling overwhelmed, irritable, guilty, sad, or unhappy
» changes in sleeping patterns

Depression is a treatable condition and excellent outcomes can be achieved with cognitive behavioural therapies with a focus on understanding what depression is, learning strategies for managing your thinking and behaviour and strategies for relapse prevention.

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