About Alchemy Healing Techniques

The goal of Alchemy Healing Techniques (AHT) is to provide people with the tools to heal their core emotional traumas and thereby enable them to express their core essence and experience a state of unity or oneness. Most people have experienced a time when they felt ‘in the flow’ or ‘connected’, either playing sport, pursuing a creative task, spending time in nature, being with a loved one or some other time where they felt a sense of joyful unity with life. On the other hand, when we experience fear, phobias, depression, or relationship issues we often feel a sense of closing down and separation. The process of personal alchemy is about overcoming these life challenges, so that we can more often experience joy, unity, core expression or however we term the times when we feel at our best.

Medieval alchemists were reputedly concerned with turning lead into gold but this was often used metaphorically to represent the transformation of ‘ordinary’ consciousness to enlightened consciousness. In other words, the aim was, and is, the transformation of our life experience into one that is more fulfilling, joyful and essentially free – the true ‘gold’ of alchemy.

AHT is the name for a collection of techniques that combine cutting edge trauma healing methods and some of the latest developments in consciousness research with the ancient wisdom of other transformational disciplines. In doing so it creates a holistic approach to personal transformation and self-mastery available to all.

So how do we go about transforming ourselves?

Trauma Healing. The quality of our life experience, including our relationships and our emotional sense of well-being, is largely dependent upon the influence of past traumatic events on the present moment. In other words, past traumatic experiences colour our current experience. AHT draws upon the latest developments in trauma healing and its own research to provide techniques and protocols for quickly healing large parts of our traumatic material. This is the key part of the transformational process, as without it we tend to fall back into dysfunctional patterns of behaviour, however well intentioned or disciplined we are.

Alchemy Practices. Drawing on our own research and the wisdom of other approaches to personal alchemy such as Chi Kung and shamanic healing, AHT presents a number of techniques for experiencing elevated states of consciousness. These include techniques to experience ‘oneness’ with our environment, become more present in the current moment and experience more joy in our daily lives.